President’s Address


On behalf of the UC Davis SACNAS team, WELCOME to our new website! We are SO excited for all of the events and programming we have coming up this new year.

The leadership team is deeply passionate about helping our members reach resources, programming, and tips to help achieve advanced degrees in the Sciences. We are also deeply passionate about inspiring, and teaching the younger generations to love STEM.

Before I came to UC Davis, I had no idea how to pursue and advanced degree.  I did not know the first thing about Masters, or PhD’s and although it sounded interesting, I had no intention of pursuing it.  I am a first generation Mexican-American college student, so those details were not there from my family for me.  During my first week at UCD, I came across a SACNAS table and spoke with the former president about this organization, and research.  Few months later, and I’m doing undergraduate research and a degree beyond my bachelors seemed possible.  I owe a lot of this knowledge to programming that was offered by SACNAS, and I learned that I didn’t need a lot of money to pay for a PhD.

I want to help provide to others what SANCAS helped provide me: the knowledge and empowerment to show me that graduate school is attainable, and the access to resources to help me get there.

I look forward to meeting you all, and helping us all succeed here at Davis and beyond.

Best regards,

Tony Moreno

UC Davis SACNAS President 2017/2018